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See the Best of Manhattan Beach

Sun and Style in LA's South Bay!

Sun, surf, and style come together in fine balance around these parts. The coastal gem of Manhattan Beach received its name when a New York developer bought the land in 1901. But don’t fret; the city may be just as enchanting as its East Coast counterpart, but it pleasantly lacks the endless concrete, traffic, and noise. Relaxation is quite easy to come by - if not unavoidable - in beautiful Manhattan Beach...

What to do during your stay in LA? Our LA hotel near Manhattan Beach, CA has you covered.

You'll enjoy easy access to the top attractions by staying at The Belamar Hotel, including the Manhattan Beach Pier, The Point Shopping Center, and the Forum. Beyond our local beauty, our boutique hotel offers deluxe rooms, stylish event space, and a lengthy list of indulging amenities.

Use our Manhattan Beach travel guide here to locate the best attractions and activities - from gorgeous beaches to boutique shopping.

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